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 Sunday June 10, 2014

 Site Under Construction, Stay tuned :)

This Home page will not be done for several weeks. I have business to attend to  and will not be able to work on it.


The Forum/Bulletin Board is ready to use. Feel free to offer suggestions for New topics under the General Discussion area.

There is one section open to the general public to allow Prospective members a place to ask questions. The rest of the board is restricted to SI Members in good standing only. The general public cannot read any of the sections aside from the about us and the Prospective member section.

SI members please put your name or FMCA number in the referrer box during registration or I cannot activate your registration. This is a neccessary step so we can stay private and be open and viewable only to SI members.  

You can use any username you desire. Any questions, email me at the link on the bottom of this page.

Rally information, Caravan, Current happenings, as well as Scuttlebutt issues will be on the board for download or review. You can add your own information directly if you so desire or email it to me and I will post it.

Please everyone keep it friendly and stay away from Politics. Any flaming or bashing of others or political posts will not be tolerated. That being said, lets all play nice and have some fun.


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