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I am currently archiving the Scuttlebutt news letters from the beginning on. These will be available for download on the Discussion board. There are some missing issues from the chapters collection. If anyone has them, I would appreciate a copy via mail or email... can be scanned or just a photo of the pages. The missing issues will be updated as I progress. I will list them here. Thanks :)

Most of what we have is now archived as of Oct 2017. There are still some misc documents I intend to scan in, time permitting. The following issues and some other issues are still MIA. Please let me know if you have any of them.

Wanted Issues:

May June of 2000

July August of 2000

January February of 2001

December Of 2001

March April of 2002

March april 1997

July August 1997

All of 2006 except for november December

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Any problems with logging on or password issues please feel free to contact me: My email is at the bottom of this page

Latest Scuttlebutt:

April 2018 Scuttlebutt


Older Scuttlebutt issues for download are located on the Bulletin Board.

If anyone has any scuttlebutts, previous to 2013, that are scanned into digital format please post them or email to the webmaster, Thank you

Due to the amount of spam, bots and other malicious scripts and code the discussion forum is membership only. I had to remove the public access area as it was inundated with hits from poland, russia, china etc....



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  Here is the INTO December Newsletter for those that want to read it :)

INTO Newsletter December 2017

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